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Why Choose Maverick

Maverick Driving Academy isn’t your average driving class. Maverick is taught by the best! Maverick is instructed by Law Enforcement Officers who know the roads and rules better than any others! At Maverick the instructors care; they want to see your teenager safe both now and twenty (20) years from now, supporting the Upstate of SC – Greenville, Spartanburg and Anderson!

Extra Benefits

In order for a teenage driver to receive his/her license he must pass Driver’s Education, but there are also extra benefits to taking Drivers Education. When taking Driver’s Education, a driver also receives insurance discounts. On top of that, a driver learns safe and healthy driving habits that could save his/her life!

Why Maverick over an Online Driving School

Though an on-line Driving school can have its appeal in terms of convenience and price. It is NO match to a real-world driving course.  Maverick will provide it’s students with over 8 hours of interactive course instruction allowing students to ask questions and be  assured they understand the law, the concept and method. Maverick will also provide 6 hours of in car instruction.  Maverick will not simulate reality but encourage it’s students to experience it and learn from it!

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